Audio and Accoustics

Some inputs on Loudness and on
Acoustics for recording studios

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Loudness is the new way to measure digital audio levels.
It makes VU and PPM meters obsolete!
Please learn and apply Loudness today.

In the following pages, you will learn the basics on Loudness and on the theory behind it, as well as practical tips to apply it today.

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To record top qualty audio (and video), it is important to understand the basics of Acoustics.
It is good for you and for your listeners.
There is nothing mistical about it!

In the following pages, you will find some basics about the physics as well as practical tips for building proper recording rooms.

Programs & Apps

A modest contribution to the worldwide community of PC users

Here are the major ones:

CAP: Compass Audio Processor, little GUI to
applying the WosFilter to a batch. NEW!

LAP: Loudness Analyser Portable, a stand-alone analyser with mata-data export to json.

VideoLan Presenter, or VPL is a lightweight app to allow presenting videos on a 2nd screen in one click.

WosFiltr: another filter for FFMpeg, developed with intelligibility in mind.

Some anti-virus will flag these programs as "threat" simply because they are not white-listed (yet).
I'm sorry about that.
Take my word for it, there is no catch, no sneaky code, no malware,
no hidden action, no usage data, no annonymus data collection, anything.
At most, some of my programs save settings in %appdata%, which is a standard procedure under Windows
(open Windows Explorer and type %appdata%).

These programs are made available "as is", for free, without any garantee of functionality.
Use then at you own risk.