Being heard is good. Being understood is better!

In order to be heard, you want to “come thrugh”.
That can be achieved by controlling the
Loudness of your audio file and making sure it is consistent all the way to the end.

If you want to be understood, some attention should be put unto more details.
It starts with the acoustics characteristics of your recording room, followed by a good choice of equipment, room setup, microphone placement, etc.

Intelligibility should be given attention all along the production chain.
Once the product is delivered, it is more difficult to make adjustments, if at all.
This is where mastering comes into play. But remember, a bad recording can only
be made “less bad”.

To help you doing that, I worked on a filter chain for FFMpeg. I called it the “WosFiltr”.

Read the full description in this ...

Link to FFMpeg WosFiltr Droplet

Dec, 2017


You can now use CAP (Compass Audio Processing) to apply the WosFiltr to a bunch of files!

March 2022