PP Focus

Do you need to use the same computer for a speaker presenting a PowerPoint and for other tasks at the same time?

Did you notice, the slides cannot be played through if PowerPoint is not in focus?

Well, maybe PP Focus can help solve this issue. It will re-focus (or resume) the Slide Show automatically for you!

As soon as a PowerPoint Slide Show in being presented, PP Focus will monitor if the Slide Show is in focus (active) or not.

If not, it will resume the Slide Show automatically after a delay of your choice, with or without asking you.

A status report is shown at the bottm right, saying "No Slide Show", "Inactive" or "Active".

"No Slide Show": no PowerPoint is open in Slide Show mode.

"Inactive": a Slide Show is runing but is not in focus, i.e. not the active window. Slides cannot be clicked through.

"Active": the Slide Show is on and in focus. Slides can be clicked through.