LAP (Loudness Analyser Portable) can analyze audio files (wav, mp2, mp3) and display Loudness data.
LAP has a unique built-in Split Track detection and a silence detection (not activated in this version).
It also incorporates a Command Line Interface version (lacli).

The analysis is made with FFmpeg which you have to download yourself and store in the same folder as LAP.
You also need FFplay (in the FFmpeg package) for the player button to work.

Loudness data (and more) is stored in a Json file with .LUFS extension and named the same as the audio file.
It is possible to log Loudness data for every file analyzed.

Why portable?
You can run Loudness Analyser Portable (LAP) from any folder, including a USB drive!
No need to install anything. Just make sure all files and folders stay together.
If you want to create a shortcut to LAP on your desktop or start menu, you have to do it manually.

You may want to associate .LUFS files with LAP.
If so, it is strongly recommended to run LAP from you hard drive, not from a USB drive.